In Langley City and Langley TWP, we provide social media video production for your brand, business, and products. Leveraging our Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k G.2 camera, we ensure cinema-grade quality in every frame.

Social Centric Video Production for Your Langley-Based Business

Impactful video content is growing more and more important. We focus on creating social media videos that combines proper lighting, dynamic visuals, and professional quality. Whether in Langley or anywhere in the lower mainland, we work with you to ensure the videos you post meet the unique needs of your business, ensuring each video reflects your brand’s personality and style. Our Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k G.2 camera, approved by Netflix, allows us to deliver high-resolution, cinema-grade visuals for every project.

Each video we produce is customized to the specific demands of your business. We understand that diverse content from talking videos, project showcases, showcasing company culture, workspace highlights, to video testimonials needs a very marketing-centric approach.

With our studio-grade equipment, including smaller cinema cameras and an array of production gear like lighting, microphones, and teleprompters, we adapt to any setting, ensuring production value that bring a wow factor.

Social Media Content That Connects With Your Target Market

Engagement Focused Videographer Services

Social Media Video Solutions

Our services extend to creating a variety of content styles for social media

Talking Videos: Whether you’re standing, sitting, or moving, our cinematic lighting and expert filming techniques make every frame compelling.

  • Project Highlights: Showcasing your past or current projects with engaging visuals that tell the story of your work.
  • Workspace Showcases: Offering a glimpse into your business environment, adding a personal touch to your brand’s story.
  • Employee Features: Highlighting the people behind your business, giving a face to your brand.
  • Client Testimonials: Capturing the impact of your work through the words of those who have experienced it.

Our Approach and Expertise

We focus on clear storytelling and promotional precision

Our promotional videos are meticulously crafted, showcasing your brand’s value and driving engagement on platforms like Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts. We ensure that each video captures the essence of your brand’s message and identity.

From initial concept to final edit, we offer a complete range of services:

  • Innovative Editing: Our post-production team adds modern trends such as graphics, text, and emojis, utilizing our massive library of stock footage to enhance your content.
  • Efficiency and Preparation: We guide you through the entire process, ensuring time and resources are used effectively, giving you the best return on your investment.

Comprehensive Video Production

Frequently Asked Questions

Cost of Social Media Video Production?

The cost depends on the scope and specifics of your project. We offer personalized solutions to fit your budget and vision.

Creating Effective Social Media Videos?

Our approach includes thorough planning and cutting-edge technology, ensuring your videos resonate with your audience, foster a sense of community and has high shareability (is that a word? it is now!).

Langley offers diverse locations for filming:

Sendall Gardens: Perfect for tranquil and nature-themed videos.
Brydon Lagoon: Ideal for peaceful wildlife shots.
Nicomekl Trail: Great for videos with scenic river and forest backgrounds.

Each site in Langley not only provides a visually stunning setting but also enhances the storytelling aspect of your videos.

Langley's Ideal Locations for Social Media Videos

Corporate Video Production

Our Process


Tell us about your project? What is the goal, who are you targeting, do you have a vision for the video and do you have a budget in mind?


We take the information provided by you from our initial consultation and create a personalized plan and strategy for your brand and business.

pre production

We take any notes from the proposal and we get to work on script writing, storyboarding, art direction, casting, location search as well as set design and creative development.


During the production, we use high quality gear including the equipment for lighting, sound/audio, and camera gear. We always try to bring out our other team members based on the budget as well, and carefully plan for our day to be the most time and cost-efficient as possible.

Post Production

We work on the footage by creating and assembling multiple edits. We handle all the footage to create the best story along with any audio needs including sound effects, music and voice talent. We add any necessary graphics and also add beautiful color grades (also known as coloring the footage) for the best results.


The delivery of the project will be discussed and decided during the consultation and pre production to know what formats are best; whether it's used for presentations,broadcast or social media. We will always send a high quality file along with some form of a compressed video to be optimized for web use and/or social media.