Music Videos

Video Production for your sound to empower your brand.

Music Video Production for everyone

Music Videos are very necessary for growing and showcasing your music. While Using creative storytelling and a professionally produced music video Dream it Creations will help promote your music and brand. Our Vancouver team has worked on hundreds of music videos with numerous artists among the lower mainland and around Canada. Dream It Creations has produced over 100 music videos over the last 8 Years. We excel in working with varying budgets and clients. With our skill set, we are able to successfully create a cinematically pleasing, and emotionally pleasing video to compliment your music and preferred style.
We bring out the best gear we have to create a masterpiece. We use a Netflix approved camera for our main camera and have access to tons of lighting and camera equipment. We ensure your video stands out and has a professional look and feel.

Professional Quality & Professional Gear

Music Video Production

Our Process


Tell us about your music and your song! Do you have a vision for the video and do you have a budget in mind?


We take the information provided by you from our consultation and create a personalized plan and concept for your music video.

pre production

We take any notes from proposal and we get to work on scriptwritting, storyboarding, art direction, casting, location search & set design and creative development.


During the production we use high quality gear including lighting, sound, and camera gear. We always try to bring out other team members based on the budget as well, and carefully plan our day to be most efficient and cost effective.

Post Production

We work on the footage by creating and assembling multiple edits. We handle all the footage to create the best story along with any audio needs including sound effects, music and voice talent. We add any necessary graphics and also add beautiful color grades (also known as coloring the footage) for the best results.


The delivery of the project will be discussed and decided during the consultation and pre production to know what formats are best; whether it's used for presentations, broadcast or social media. We will always send a high quality file along with some form of a compressed video to be optimized for web use and/or social media.


Music Videos to suit different budgets

Basic Music Video

A Quick Shoot
500 $ Basic
  • 4 Hour Shoot
  • 1 Location
  • Basic Lighting Setup
  • 2 Week Turn Around
Most Popular

Standard Music Video

Best Bang For Your Buck
750 $ Perfect for most artists
  • 4-8 Hour Shoot
  • On Set Photographer
  • 1-3 Locations
  • 2 Week Turn Around
  • Advanced Lighting Setup
  • Props

Exclusive Music Video

Our No Limit Plan
+1000 $ Full Production Video
  • 1 Full Shoot Day +
  • On Set Photographer
  • On Set BTS
  • 2-3 Week Turn Around
  • Locations/Props/Sets
  • Any Specialty Gear
  • Advanced Lighting Setups

Things we Can add to your videos


Drone Shots

The art of music videos is evolving with the use of drones. Give a new perspective to your videos with these stunning shots.

Custom Built Props

We are a very creative team and we pride ourselves at building different types of props; such as weapons, wardrobe, prop money, tools and anything else that you may need. You dream it and we will create it!

Studios And Sets

With a vast network of studio spaces we want to bring a unique look to your videos with the use studio space and sets.

Get Something Memorable

At Dream It Creations we infuse our own creative interpretations into the music we encounter. We collaborate closely with you, to choose the right song you’ve created and that inspires our creative visions ensuring the finest caliber of work that makes viewers want to share it. In an age where creatives and art fall into the depth of oblivion, we believe in making our work an experience for our clients and ourselves that leaves a memorable mark. We’re committed to delivering remarkable quality, driven by the growing passion for what we do. If the spark of inspiration isn’t ignited, we’ll communicate honestly because transparency is integral to us. We’re dedicated to investing our creative minds into the projects that resonate with us and we invite you to join us on the journey.