Business and Promotional Video Production

Video Production for your brand, your business and your products.

Corporate Video Production for Your Brand

Your brand’s digital image has increasingly become more important over the years and with so many platforms and companies going digital, it’s important to stand out. Dream It Creations works with you through every step to ensure that the brand video production  aligns with your company’s goals and targeted audience. With our network of writers, actors, crew, gear, and sound designers we can create a unique piece of content for you.
You can expect a full-service production. When you hire us, you don’t just get a videographer. You get professionalism, reliability, and organization. You can rest assured that with our best foot forward we will help you create a modernized visual to help you reach your goals. We bring out the best gear we have to create a masterpiece. We use a Netflix-approved camera for our main camera and have access to tons of lighting and camera equipment. We ensure your video stands out and has a professional look and feel.

Professional Quality & Professional Gear

Video Production Services

Commercials and Promos

Commercials and Promos are the go-to video marketing material for growing your brand awareness or targeting specific traffic. We create compelling videos that effectively communicate your goals and brand messages to drive in conversions. Whether your goal is to promote a new product or service, or simply wanting to showcase your business in an engaging way, we are here to get the job done. We can do everything from creating the concept and script writing, to filming, editing and distribution.

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Video Production Services

Video Business Cards & Business Overviews

Does your business have a story to tell? Or do you want to introduce yourself or your business to our customers? Business overview videos or as we call them “video business cards”, are a great way to introduce your brand/business to your customers.

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Video Production Services

Short Form Content

Short-Form content videos are short videos for social media and website modules. It is becoming one of the most popular formats of social media content. We sit down with you to plan a schedule to shoot content in bulk so you have a library of content that you can use for a certain amount of time.

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Video Production Services

Sales Training Videos

Do you Need content for your sales representatives? Or do you want to streamline your basic training for using software or basic procedures? We can create a full database of training content, or modules to help your brand and team. Our goal isn’t to help you create the content but we also want to help develop it and optimize it for the best training outcomes.

Corporate Video Production

Our Process


Tell us about your project? What is the goal, who are you targeting, do you have a vision for the video and do you have a budget in mind?


We take the information provided by you from our initial consultation and create a personalized plan and strategy for your brand and business.

pre production

We take any notes from the proposal and we get to work on script writing, storyboarding, art direction, casting, location search as well as set design and creative development.


During the production, we use high quality gear including the equipment for lighting, sound/audio, and camera gear. We always try to bring out our other team members based on the budget as well, and carefully plan for our day to be the most time and cost-efficient as possible.

Post Production

We work on the footage by creating and assembling multiple edits. We handle all the footage to create the best story along with any audio needs including sound effects, music and voice talent. We add any necessary graphics and also add beautiful color grades (also known as coloring the footage) for the best results.


The delivery of the project will be discussed and decided during the consultation and pre production to know what formats are best; whether it's used for presentations,broadcast or social media. We will always send a high quality file along with some form of a compressed video to be optimized for web use and/or social media.