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Video Production


Dream It Creations is an award-winning Video Production Company, and digital marketer based out of Langley, BC within the lower mainland. Since day one, we’ve prided ourselves on the professional, thorough, and most importantly, The creative services we offer.

With an education in the film-production industry and 300+ videos created in 8+ years, we have the experience, tools, and talent to provide local and global businesses with inspired solutions. Our flexibility is shown in the diversity of our clients, their needs, stories, and objectives. All are produced within varying scopes and budgets. Serving Canada, we’re all about finding the right solutions for each individual client.

We welcome work from all sectors and will work to produce cutting-edge video, photography, and all marketing content that is engaging, original, and creative.

Why Choose Dream it Creations?

The first thing we start with is communication and understanding your brand and goals. We dont just create the content we also like to learn who the content is for and where it will be viewed. This allows us to work closely with our clients and refine our framework to deliver the highest quality results.

Our passion is communicating with our clients every step of the way and the content that we are able to create for them. We want to grow with our clients and make something worth showing together.

Each project requires different equipment. We own most of our equipment and have access to a large list of gear for special occasions. To produce high-quality videos for our clients and differ from other videographers we shoot our projects on large cinema cameras as opposed to a traditional DSLR. In lamens terms, we use cameras that are used for tv shows and movies which you will notice a huge difference with. We commit to using high-quality gear and being well equipped for each situation.


The Equipment we use for Content Creation

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